Our Support team are available 5 days a week – Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm GMT (additional out-of-hours premium support is available upon request). If you need any assistance or have any questions about your system, call us on 0115 8757509.


The backup and technical support from Axiomatic is fantastic, they couldn’t be more helpful. Any small minor issues with our IT system have been quickly rectified and repaired. Since January we have bought more standard beam counters from Axiomatic due to the service provided. If we have any more people counting projects to do in the future i would have no hesitations in contacting Axiomatic.Philip Hardwick – Electrical Maintenance Officer – Middlesbrough Council Property Service.

All our counters and systems come with a 12 month warranty. We also provide free support and maintenance for your system for the first 12 months following installation, subject to our standard terms & conditions.

Using our range of automated support tools, where people counters are networked and allow remote connectivity, we automatically remotely monitor the counters at each site on an on-going basis to facilitate error trapping and verification, to ensure that the counters are functioning correctly, and that the units are configured to maximise accuracy for each location.

The traffic counters we use are highly reliable units. The people counter units are preconfigured and bench-tested at Axiomatic in advance of deployment. A copy of the settings is maintained by Axiomatic, along with photographs of the installation, people counter view, and cable port positions. This means that in the unlikely event of a failure, a pre-configured cloned counter can be dispatched to site and installed with the minimum of delay.

The people counters have solid state memory so that they will retain settings in the event of a power outage.

Axiomatic’s networked service is designed to ensure that even in the event of a network failure, as long as the counters continue to be powered and counting, the system will recover counts once the network is re-established.

We also provide a variety of ongoing monitoring, support and maintenance packages. Call us on 0115 8757508 to find out more.

No People Counting System is 100% accurate. From our experience the thermal and stereo video solutions offer the most accurate counting methods available. Configured with our software we achieve flow accuracy of over 95% under standard flow rates. These solutions therefore provide the perfect platform for occupancy monitoring. Please note that occupancy monitoring requires a higher level of system configuration and will therefore prove more expensive. Occupancy figures are subject to cumulative errors. Cumulative errors will be exacerbated by; increased length of monitoring period, high throughput and low dwell times. Although we will work with you to maximise accuracy of the system installed we accept no liability for errors in occupancy counts.